Moldovans abroad will be able to complete their electronic signature through the embassy

Moldovans in the diaspora will be able to perfect their electronic signature through diplomatic missions and consular offices. Public key certification services will be provided abroad by the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service.

In the context of signing the agreement that will facilitate the completion of the electronic signature for the Moldovan diaspora, the director of the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service, Gheorghe Pantaz, stressed the importance of simplifying access to electronic public services and overcoming barriers of citizen-state interaction.

“By modernizing this service we offer comfort to users and facilitate the benefit of quality electronic public services remotely / online. The Republic of Moldova is in line with the recommendations and standards of European countries “, said Gheorghe Pantaz.

According to the interim secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Sergiu Odainic, the digitized service “will provide an opportunity for the Moldovan diaspora to interact more easily with state institutions in the country.”

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The services for issuing public key certificates will be provided in accordance with the legislation and technical norms in the field of qualified advanced electronic signature.

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