Moldovans are switching to non-cash transactions. Every second citizen pays for purchases by e-payment

The Republic of Moldova has revealed a significant increase in the use of digital payments among the population, with a significant number of people making purchases and money transfers online, data published by shows. According to the data collected:

  • 47.5% of the population aged 15+ made digital payments in the last year, with a higher presence of men in this category.
  • 25.1% of Moldovans made purchases using their phone or the internet, with women being more active in this respect.
  • 11.1% of citizens used the phone or internet for money transfers, with men leading this segment.
  • 21% of the population made bill payments via phone and the Internet, with women predominating.

At the beginning of 2024, 64.3% of Moldovans had an account in a financial institution. In this group, men outnumbered women.


Also, 46.1% of the population used a debit card and 8.1% used a credit card, with a higher presence of men as cardholders in both cases.

These data reflect an increasing trend in the adoption of digital payments in Moldova, highlighting changes in the financial behavior of the population and adaptation to modern technologies.

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