Moldovans who legally worked in Greece to get pensions from the Greek government

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova who are employed in the labor field or have carried out a work activity on the territory of Greece will receive pensions upon reaching retirement age. It happens after the Agreement in the field of social security between the Republic of Moldova and Greece, signed in Chisinau on September 8, 2021, entered into force on January 1, 2023, reports IPN.

The agreement includes guarantees in the field of social insurance that will benefit migrant workers from both countries who carry out or have carried out a legal work activity and currently reside in the territory of one of the contracting states.

The document guarantees Moldovan citizens and Greek citizens the right to old-age pension, survivor’s pension, disability pension caused by a general condition, pension and disability allowance determined by a work accident or occupational disease, paid by the state where they have worked legally.

According to the agreement, each contracting state will pay part of the pension calculated in proportion to the insurance period completed in its territory. Thus, the person will benefit from the benefits acquired in the state in which he carried out his activity, on the territory of the state of residence.


Currently, similar agreements in the field of social security based on proportionality principles are signed and implemented with Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, and the Republic of Belarus. Also, similar agreements are signed with Italy and Spain, but for now, they have not entered into force.

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