Moldova’s EU Accession Hinges on Ukraine, Says European Parliament Member

Member of the European Parliament Alin Mituța stated in an interview with Teleradio-Moldova that Moldova will not join the European Union without Ukraine.

The European official pointed out that from a strategic and geographic perspective, our country is closely connected to Ukraine.

“If we look at the case of Romania or other states, we can see that it usually takes about 10 years. It took Romania 5 years to obtain candidate status. Moldova has an advantage in the fact that it was granted candidate status much faster than Romania. Moldova and Ukraine were granted candidate status in a situation of urgency, in just a few months. However, the accession process is very complicated. Each negotiation chapter must be taken word by word and negotiated. Moldova will not join the European Union without Ukraine,” the MEP declared.

Alin Mituța also emphasized that the accession of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Western Balkan states would cost the European Union 260 billion euros annually.

He maintains that there is no possibility for the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to join the European Union in a very short period because such decisions need the agreement of all 27 member states, as it involves a complex process.


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