Moldova’s National Army budget was doubled “to send a signal”

The Republic of Moldova doubled the budget of the National Army in 2023 to send a signal to external partners that the field of Defense is an important one for the government in Chisinau.

This is what PAS deputy Dan Perciun said. He also said however that the modernization of the National Army cannot take place only from Moldova’s own financial resources, and that the contribution of Western partners is necessary, reports IPN.

“In the budget for 2023, the allocations for the National Army were doubled compared to the previous year. We have a strong political commitment to invest in the national army this year, but with only our own resources it is difficult to talk about a modernization of the National Army. This increase is also important as a signal to external partners because if they come to us with non-lethal support, it is crucial that we as a government demonstrate that we have realized its importance. The donation of drones and other equipment that would come was also discussed with the representatives of Germany. The armored vehicles offered now will be used for training, to accustom our soldiers to this type of equipment,” Dan Perciun said during the “Secretele Puterii” show on JurnalTV.

For the year 2023, the budget of the Ministry of Defense is approximately 1.7 billion lei, an increase of 650 million lei compared to last year. Thus, the defense budget constitutes 0.5% of the GDP this year.


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