Moldova’s Prime Minister Warns of Russian Threat to National Security

In a recent forum on national security, Moldova’s Prime Minister, Recean, declared that “Russia is a threat to the Republic of Moldova.” The head of the Executive spoke about the priorities of Moldova in the Defense sector and the actions aimed at overcoming existing threats. He also praised the support of external partners in developing defense capabilities.

According to the Prime Minister, Moldova’s main objective is to develop a strategy and allocate the necessary resources for the country to become not only a consumer of security but also a provider of security in the current regional context. He also emphasized that thanks to Ukraine, there are no hostilities in Moldova, but the country is still subjected to hybrid threats.

“Russia is a threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova. We have had this geopolitical discussion for a long time, and hesitations, but today, this fact is evident to everyone. We understand the risks, we know how to allocate resources, and we have the task of developing our defense,” said Recean.


The head of the Executive also stressed the need to mobilize society around the established objectives, encourage citizens to contribute to the country’s security, and effectively communicate the authorities’ response to existing risks.

The Prime Minister’s statement highlights the ongoing tension between Moldova and Russia and underscores the importance of national security in the region.

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