More and more women in Moldova are encouraged to develop businesses with grants from the European Union

The Women Entrepreneurship Support Programme, funded by the Government of Moldova and the European Union, has been launched. It provides financial support and technical assistance to women entrepreneurs and aims to encourage the growth and sustainability of their businesses.

The Women Entrepreneurship Support Program provides non-reimbursable financial support of up to 200,000 lei for women entrepreneurs in their early stages of development.

It also provides for the granting of non-reimbursable financial support of up to 600,000 lei to developing enterprises.


The program also provides specialized technical assistance to support and mentor women in developing businesses, giving them access to resources and expertise to help them realize their potential and overcome obstacles encountered during their activities.

For detailed information on the conditions and procedure for applying to the program, all interested are encouraged to consult the Application Guide on the institution’s website.

More information you can obtain by calling +373 69 479 904 or emailing

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