NATO Defense Ministers gather in Brussels. On the agenda – “personalized support” for Moldova

NATO Defense Ministers gather in Brussels. The meeting will take place on February 14-15, and the agenda includes discussions about the situation in Ukraine, as well as “personalized support” for the Republic of Moldova.

The deputy general secretary of the Alliance, Mircea Geoană, announced support for Moldova after last week’s meeting with Natalia Gavrilița. Taking into account that at that time a missile had flown over our airspace, the official points out that “Russian missile attacks on Ukraine represent a direct threat to Moldova’s security”.

“Customized support for Moldova will also be on the agenda when NATO Defense Ministers meet here in Brussels next week,” said Geoană.

What will be decided at the NATO Defense Ministers meeting?

According to a statement published by NATO, the meeting of defense ministers will be held to strengthen the deterrence and defense of the Alliance and to step up and support Ukraine. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg cites the urgency of providing key capabilities to Ukraine before Russia can take the initiative on the battlefield.

“We are in a logistics race,” says Stoltenberg. Ministers are expected to agree on a new level of NATO defense planning and address ways to increase military-industrial capacity and replenish stocks. Measures to increase the protection of critical submarine infrastructure will also be decided and ways to maintain and increase defense spending within the Alliance will be discussed.

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