NBM Governor Anca Dragu met with the Japanese Ambassador to Moldova: what was on the agenda?

The Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Anca Dragu, convened a meeting with His Excellency Yamada Yoichiro, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova. The primary focus of their dialogue was on the trajectory of macroeconomic indicators and the pivotal role of the NBM in fostering a conducive developmental environment as Moldova moves towards European Union accession.

Anca Dragu underscored the unwavering commitment of the NBM to significantly contribute to meeting the economic criteria for European integration, emphasizing the criticality of a robust financial sector in propelling economic advancement.

Moreover, the Governor emphasized the opportune moment for investments in Moldova. Accordingly, the NBM is actively exploring optimal strategies to invigorate financial intermediation and foster the growth of a sustainable capital market.


Anca Dragu also spotlighted recent successful endeavors, such as the application to join SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and the inauguration of the MIA Instant Payments System, which received robust support from local banking entities, indicative of a mature banking ecosystem.

In reciprocation, Ambassador Yamada Yoichiro admirate the National Bank’s progress in implementing reforms and commended Moldova’s receptiveness towards EU accession.

Another significant aspect of their discourse centered on the preparation for the forthcoming meeting between the NBM Governor and Masato Kanda, the Japanese Vice Minister for International Affairs in the Ministry of Finance. Kanda is planning to visit Moldova in June 2024.

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