Nemerenco: New letters from NHIC to Moldovans from the diaspora, after they were warned to pay the medical policy

Moldovans living abroad and owning agricultural land will receive new letters from the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC). Letters will contain information about the error when people were notified that they had to pay for their health insurance.

The statements were made by Health Minister Ala Nemerenco at the cabinet meeting. According to her, the NHIC’s system does not have information about the citizens’ whereabouts in the country or abroad.

“I would like to inform all those who live abroad and have received letters that they have to pay the insurance premium, we will come with an insurance letter on behalf of all. There has been a mix-up. In the system, that the National Insurance Company has, there is no data whether the person is in the country or abroad,” Nemerenco explained.

Recommendations for changes to the law on health insurance were also submitted to the government meeting. The authorities would exclude Moldovan farmland owners residing in other countries from the list of people who need to pay compulsory health insurance premiums.


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