New minister – new reforms: what Sergiu Lazarencu intends to do

The new environment minister, Sergiu Lazarencu, is planning reforms. In particular, the official announced future reorganizations in the Environmental Protection Agency.

The statement was made after a visit to the agency. Lazarencu spoke to staff about “more transparency and zero tolerance for corruption.”

“Every citizen should have access to complete and easily accessible information on documents issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. People must be clear about the terms and conditions and how to obtain information directly. We have agreed to the introduction of more online guidance and guides that provide detailed explanations and help with completing applications and documents. This will bring more clarity to the process. At the same time, we discussed the reform of the Environmental Protection Agency, which will be approved soon. With its implementation, the agency will become more transparent, efficient, and integrated,” Lazarencu says.


The Environmental Protection Agency’s reform has been talked about since September 2023. At that time, it was announced that a solution would be prepared and the Environmental Inspectorate, Apele Moldovei Agency, State Hydrometeorological Service, Geology and Mineral Resources Agency would be involved.

The authorities argued that reform was necessary because shortcomings and conflicts related to the management of the institutions had been identified and it was necessary to “develop an efficient management structure that would allow the full realization of the ambitious goals set by national and international environmental documents.”

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