Nicu Popescu, about the withdrawal of the Republic of Moldova from the CIS: These days we are also starting the denunciation process

This week, the Republic of Moldova will start the process of denouncing several agreements signed within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The announcement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Chisinau, Nicu Popescu, during a show on Jurnal TV.

According to the deputy prime minister, the state institutions will soon publish the list of documents that will be denounced.

“The Republic of Moldova is already acting on a very broad spectrum, in domains and not necessarily very transparent domains, to limit Russian attempts to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova. These days we are also starting the process of denouncing the Republic of Moldova to some agreements within the CIS. Our institutions have made an analysis regarding the relevance of several agreements signed within the CIS and these days we are starting the process of withdrawing the Republic of Moldova from dozens of agreements. We are updating this list and will publish it. Only on the lines of the Ministry of the Interior, we will proceed with the denunciation of 20 agreements”, declared the deputy prime minister.


According to Popescu, the Republic of Moldova has signed approximately 330 agreements within the CIS, and their denunciation requires compliance with a certain motivation and approval procedure.

We remind you that last week, Prime Minister Dorin Recean announced that the Government of the Republic of Moldova will review its participation in some agreements signed within the CIS.

“We will do an inventory of all the agreements, because there are quite a few. The government is already working in this direction. We will pay special attention to bilateral relations with the countries that are now part of the CIS,” said the prime minister.

Recean added that Moldova also intends to withdraw from a series of agreements within the CIS, which, according to him, are not respected.

In his opinion, Moldova “shouldn’t focus so much on the CIS, because it doesn’t work anyway.”

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