Octavian Armașu, about the “health” of the Moldovan leu: I don’t see any problems

What happens to the money kept in the mattress, what future does cryptocurrency have in the Republic of Moldova, and how does the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) contribute to the country’s European integration process? All these questions were answered by NBM Governor Octavian Armașu during the first edition of the podcast “Give Meaning to Money,” moderated by Liliana Barbăroșie.

“All the banking reform that was done, to a large extent, brought us the implementation of the same principles which are in the European directives regarding the financial banking sector. Looking ahead, we are ambitious to go further,” said the BNM governor.

According to Octavian Armașu, the NBM’s next objective is to join SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). It will allow our financial system to be connected to the single European payment system.

The full interview can be viewed below.

The podcast “Give Meaning to Money” aims to regularly explain economic topics in a context where the crises of recent years have repeatedly highlighted the need to strengthen the financial education of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

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