Officially only. Israel will not employ Moldovan construction workers without permission from the Moldovan authorities

The Department of Population and Immigration of the Israeli Ministry of Interior announced a change in the policy regarding work permits for Moldovan citizens. From now on, persons who have previously worked in Israel will no longer be eligible for new work permits. However, Moldovan citizens who have not previously worked in the country will still be able to work in Israel. This was reported by the National Employment Agency of Moldova.

In connection with this development, the Israeli authorities issued a warning to companies operating in the construction sector regarding the illegal practice of withholding the passports of Moldovan workers.

According to the Moldovan-Israeli bilateral agreement, Moldovan citizens seeking employment in Israel for construction work must apply to officially designated employment agencies responsible for enforcing the terms of the agreement. Any hiring outside this framework, whether through private agencies or directly by construction companies, is considered illegal and violates the agreement.

In addition, construction companies in Israel are prohibited from hiring people to work on construction sites through private employment agencies or individual arrangements. Such action is in direct contravention of the terms outlined in the bilateral agreement.


Companies in Israel have been warned specifically that if an employee’s passport is required for purposes such as registration or renewal of residency permits, the document must be scanned or photographed immediately and returned to the employee without delay. This serves as a reminder of the legal obligations regarding the handling of employee documents in the context of labor agreements in Israel.

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