On June 1-2, the skies over Moldova will be closed for all civil aircraft: what other measures will be taken?

In Moldova, on June 1-2, for the period of the summit of the European Political Community, the sky for all civil aircraft will be closed. From midnight on May 31, the flight of civilian drones is prohibited, until 07:00 on June 2.

“To ensure aviation security, flights of all civil aircraft will be prohibited in the entire airspace of the Republic of Moldova for the time interval from 00.00 June 1 (local time) to 07.00 June 2, except official aircraft. In the case of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), the flight ban is in effect from 00.00 May 31 (local time) until 0700 June 2”, according to the ENP Security Media News Group (GMSS-CPE).

The authorities informed the airlines in advance so that they themselves decide how to change the flight schedule.

“From May 15 to May 25, parking at the Chisinau International Airport will operate in a special mode until May 25 – it will be prohibited to leave cars on the lower floors. The top floor will be available for parking. However, from 25.05 to 02.06 (until 07.00 local time), entry to the Airport parking lot will be prohibited on all floors”.

The police urge citizens to plan their travel route in advance on the days of May 31, June 1, and 2, along the roads adjacent to the Chisinau International Airport. The main arteries of the capital should be avoided, and the route Chisinau – Bulboaca and back.

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