Organic Agriculture in Moldova

Due to the increase in demand of biologically produced foods, it might be very interesting for international investors to find new markets where investing would bring great results.

One of the key sectors in Moldova’s Economy is Agriculture. Due to the favorable geographical position and the high quality of the soil, Moldova is the perfect destination for investments in Organic Agriculture. Next to this, around 20% of the population is employed in agriculture, meaning that there is enough specialized workforce that could contribute to further developing the field.

According to, Moldova is the country in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) region with the most developed organic sector, both commercially and in terms of government policy and involvement.

In 2019, the organic products exports from Moldova to The European Union exceeded 40 thousand tons, which means that the Republic of Moldova can be placed in the TOP 20 most important partners of the EU in this sector.

Moreover, Moldova has an Association Agreement with the European Union since 2014. This preferential trade system has allowed Moldova to benefit from reduced or eliminated tariffs for its goods, an increased services market and better investment conditions. 

You can read more about Moldova’ status and potential of Organic Agriculture in this report.

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