Oscillations in the market of official assets from the state reserve. The BNM announces their decrease

After several months of growth, official reserve assets fell. At the end of November, they amounted to 4,274.45 million US dollars. The figure is down $58.91 million compared to October 31, when they totaled $4,333.36 million, IPN reports.

The National Bank of Moldova states that the decrease in official reserve assets was determined by net interventions on the domestic foreign exchange market in the form of currency sales, amounting to 175.18 million dollars. Of these – net purchases in the amount of 17 million dollars and sales in the amount of 184.50 million euros, equivalent to 192.18 million dollars.

Assets decreased further due to payments related to the external public debt service of the Republic of Moldova -$21.01 million, as well as payments from the Ministry of Finance -$11.33 million. The decrease was driven by net outflows from the Office of Foreign Assistance Program Management account ($2.73 million) and net outflows related to the foreign reserve requirements of licensed banks ($0.48 million). Other net outflows were $0.02 million.

At the same time, during the reporting period, the increase in official reserve assets was determined by the appreciation of the exchange rates of the component currencies of foreign reserves in relation to the US dollar – 60.28 million dollars. At the same time, budgetary support was registered in favor of the Ministry of Finance in the amount of 41.92 million dollars, of which 41.56 million dollars in the form of a grant offered by the Government of Germany to ensure the energy security of vulnerable groups of the population in the Republic of Moldova and 0.36 million dollars from the International Development Cooperation Agency, Romania.


Assets increased as a result of the registration of credits and grants in favor of the Ministry of Finance for investment projects – 24.63 million dollars of which 23.37 million dollars were disbursed by the European Investment Bank in the framework of road rehabilitation and efficiency projects energetic. Among the factors that contributed to the increase in assets is the net result of currency swap operations on the domestic foreign exchange market in the amount of 15.05 million dollars. It is about the income from the management of foreign exchange reserves – 8.05 million dollars and the revaluation of securities held in the investment portfolio – 1.91 million dollars.

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