Parliament discussed an amendment allowing a clearer interpretation of “treason against the motherland”

The concept of “treason against the motherland” will be more clearly regulated in the legislation. PDS deputies Lilian Carp, head of the National Security, Defense, and Public Order Commission, and Igor Chiriac, secretary of the Legal Commission for Appointments and Immunity, intend to register an amendment to Article 337 of the Moldovan Criminal Code. In this context, public consultations were on this initiative today in Parliament. Representatives of the Information and Security Service, the Justice Ministry, and the Prosecutor General’s Office attended the consultations.

The amendment will consolidate the normative framework in ensuring state security and combating criminal activities against Moldova’s sovereignty, independence, unity, indivisibility, security, or defense capacity.

The authors of the amendments propose to include in the Criminal Code a provision according to which “treason against the motherland, an act committed intentionally by a Moldovan citizen against the sovereignty, independence, unity, indivisibility, security or defense capacity of the Republic of Moldova in the interests of a foreign state, the foreign organization. It includes taking the enemy side during war or armed conflict, engaging in espionage, disclosing state secrets, and assisting in hostile actions against state security.”


Thus, the proposed modifications will clarify this criminal norm, define the main characteristics of the crimes constituting treason against the motherland, and protect the fundamental values of the state’s existence as enshrined in the Constitution.

In addition, the proposal introduces an additional form of treason against the motherland, which involves assisting a foreign state or an anti-constitutional organization in conducting hostile actions against state security. It can manifest through disinformation campaigns, organized activities over a certain period, conceived to achieve hostile goals by misleading the public, and activities that can harm the sovereignty, independence, unity, indivisibility, security, or defense capacity of the Republic of Moldova.

The draft amendment will be registered and examined by the specialized commission.

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