Came uninvited? Eugenia Gutsul was not allowed into the Government for a meeting with Spinu

Eugenia Gutsul complained on social media that she wanted to enter the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development meeting but was not allowed. Telegram channels close to Ilan Shor have also posted a video on social media of the governor speaking as she enters the executive. 

The governor says she did not receive an invitation. But she believes she has the right to attend, as it is a meeting of the Regional Development Council, where are discussed issues concerning autonomy.

Shortly after the Gutsul footage appeared, Andrei Spinu announced on social media that the meeting had voted to constrict the Council, with Serghei Anastasov, mayor of Comrat, as president and Nicolai Posmac, mayor of Vulcanesti, as vice president.


“Today at the ministry, the founding meeting of the Regional Development Council of the ATU Gagauzia region. Serghei Anastasov, mayor of Comrat City, was elected as chairman, and Nikolai Posmac, Vulcanesti mayor, as deputy chairman. Over the last three years, authorities have allocated more than 190 million lei for regional and local development projects (European Village) in the Comrat, Vulcanesti, and Ceadir-Lunga districts. We will continue to support projects for residents of villages and towns in the region,” Spinu wrote.

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