Parlicov: The meaning of this referendum is to validate the fact that we want European integration

Victor Parlicov believes that Moldova’s accession to the EU is inevitable. In an interview with NordNews, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the result of the referendum held on 20 October will allow Moldovans to respond “to those insinuations that this is a project of one party or one person in Moldova.”

According to Minister Parlicov, the referendum will validate the authorities’ intention to take the country into the EU. The official said that many Moldovans who hold dual citizenship are already Europeans.

“It also provides a political response to the narrative promoted in our society, part of the information war, falsely claiming that Moldovans and the Republic of Moldova do not want to join the European Union. Everywhere I go and discuss the benefits of the European Union, people grasp them. Even those who previously did not support the EU now recognize that there is no alternative.


Who has the citizenship of Romania, who has the citizenship of Bulgaria, they have already been in the European Union. They have seen what the EU means. They have heard from their compatriots in Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries, who can tell them how their lives have changed after becoming part of the EU,” Parlicov said.

The minister is confident that Moldovans will support Moldova’s EU membership in the referendum.

The referendum will take place on 20 October 2024. People will answer: “Do you support the introduction of European integration in the Constitution of Moldova?” Two answer options will be available on the ballot paper – “Yes” and “No.”

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