Pensions and benefits will be available for Moldovan labor migrants in Spain

Moldovan citizens who legally work or have worked on the territory of Spain will be entitled to various types of social benefits, including retirement pensions, disability pensions due to illness or work injury, as well in case of loss of breadwinner.

The agreement in social security, signed on July 21, 2022, in Madrid between the Moldovan and Spanish sides, will start operating on June 1 this year. Each state will calculate and pay pensions based on the time the worker spent in its territory by national legislation.

To receive pensions and other social benefits under international agreements, applicants should submit their applications to the National Social Insurance Fund of the Republic of Moldova or the relevant institution of another member state.


Moldova has concluded social security agreements with 18 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Luxembourg, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, Belarus, Italy, Latvia, Greece, and Spain. The 17 of them have already entered into force.

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