Parlicov: Transnistria will have gas in 2025. There is no risk of a possible energy crisis in the region

Energy Minister Victor Parlicov said in an exclusive interview for MoldovaLive that there are no risks for energy security both in Moldova and the Transnistrian region. He emphasized that even in 2025 Tiraspol will be supplied with gas.

“The concept of energy security has several components, including physical infrastructure and sources of electricity supply. Up to 16 March 2022, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine operated in a joint energy system with Russia, with Moldova’s western border being a “dead end.” After that date, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine’s energy systems were urgently synchronized, with the ENTSO-E continental energy system, with the activation of the 400 kV Vulcanesti-Isaccea transmission line was activated. Processes that usually take tens of years were completed in a matter of weeks due to Russia’s war in Ukraine. It allowed the activation of the Vulcanesti-Isaccea line, which has sufficient capacity to maintain the system. Technically, the line runs through the Cuciurgan power node, but the Transnistrian region has an interest in keeping this plant running, in case otherwise, local budget revenues will be insufficient to maintain social stability,” Parlicov stressed.

He specified that the Moldovan authorities have a 2025 gas supply plan for the Transnistrian region.


“There is currently a contract with Moldovagaz. The volume of the left bank is assured, and we have had no sign that it will be canceled. But, there is a risk that Russia will reduce the volume of gas supplied, as it has already done in previous years. There is no real risk to gas supplies throughout the Russian Federation, including in the Transnistrian region. The government has undertaken a series of liberalized markets and diversified the sources of gas supply to ensure the security of supply. We are also in dialogue with the European Union and Ukraine, but in the baseline scenario, after 2024, the gas supply in the Transnistrian region will be maintained. We are prepared technically for any other scenario, and the main problem with the Transnistrian region remains – who will pay for consumption?” Energy Minister said.

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