Persons who were born on the territory of Moldova but have the nationality of other states can apply for recognition of Moldovan citizenship

In just the first three months of this year, the Public Services Agency (PSA) extended Moldovan citizenship to 1,721 individuals born on Moldovan territory who hadn’t previously been registered as citizens. Even if they hold citizenship in other countries and live abroad, individuals born within the current borders of the Republic of Moldova retain the right to seek recognition of their Moldovan citizenship.

To obtain Moldovan citizenship applicants are required to approach the PSA and submit their application in person or through an authorized proxy. The proxy must possess a power of attorney authenticated by established procedures. The Public Services Agency clarified for IPN that they conduct thorough verification of applicants’ legal status, identity, domicile, or temporary residence during the application procedure for identity document issuance.

Applicants need to furnish the PSA with their identity card (if available) and civil status documents attesting to their birth on Moldovan territory, issued by competent Moldovan authorities. Additionally, if there are any changes in personal data, applicants must provide civil status documents corroborating these alterations. For represented individuals, documentation affirming the right of representation is obligatory.


The highest number of individuals born on Moldovan territory and granted Moldovan citizenship was documented in 2022, reaching 7,554 individuals. It marked a notable increase from 3,729 in 2020 and 5,835 in 2021. In 2023, the number of individuals officially recognized as Moldovan citizens was 4,143.

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