(VIDEO) Promoting gender equality and good governance in Moldova with EU support

The final conference of the “Partnerships for Women’s Leadership and Good Governance” project, organized under the auspices of A.O. “Institutum Virtutes Civilis” and the “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation Moldova, convened leaders, experts, and participants from diverse fields, all committed to advancing gender equality and good governance in the Republic of Moldova. The event underscored the capacity of women to lead and drive change. They can significantly contribute to fostering a more equitable and balanced society through education, mentoring, and support, realitatea reports.

“Congratulations to the teams of both organizations for their ambition and courage in undertaking this challenging journey. We are immensely proud to have supported the implementation of this initiative, and the outcomes are a testament to its success,” remarked Ambassador of the European Union to Moldova, Janis Mazeiks.

“The project aimed to enhance women’s capacities and inspire them to actively engage in the social and our country’s political life. We are thrilled with the achievements of our Leadership Academy trainees. Many of them now hold pivotal positions in town halls, district councils, municipal and local councils, and we celebrate their success,” stated Ana Mihailov, Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Moldova.

Good governance can be ensured through effective partnerships between public authorities and civil society, and women’s participation in the country’s political life is a very realistic goal, says Liliana Palihovici, President of the A.O. “Institutum Virtutes Civilis,” project leader.


“After three years of implementing a project, we understood we can achieve this goal with everyone’s participation. Public authorities, whether central or local, must be attentive to the specific needs of women and men and develop policies that respond to these needs. If we follow this principle, we will probably have a more prosperous society, a more sustainable development, and a state with a stronger democracy”, underlined Liliana Palihovici, President of the A.O. “Institutum Virtutes Civilis.”

Maria Manoli, mayor of the village of Zubresti in Straseni district, says that the support provided by the European Union is important for the smooth running of things in the communities. The European Union contributes to developing skills, increasing women’s participation in public life, and building a fairer and more prosperous society by funding projects.

“This makes us more professional in public administration and better at delivering quality services to citizens. We attract a lot of investment in the locality through projects thanks to the support provided by the European Union, and this is something people in our localities need to know because we want to be part of the big European family. We receive this support, and we should be grateful. I thank all our partners, the European Union, and the European Delegation of the Republic of Moldova, who help us to develop local communities”, says Maria Manoli.

This video was produced with the financial support of the European Union and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Its content is the sole responsibility of the project “Partnerships for Women’s Leadership and Good Governance”, carried out by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Moldova and AO “Institutum Virtutes Civilis”. The content of the video belongs to the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the donors.

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