(PHOTO) A mural by Moldovan street art artist Dmitri Potapov appeared in Romania

A mural by Moldovan street art artist Dmitri Potapov, dedicated to the mythology of the Hellenes, has appeared in the Romanian city of Constanta. The artist talked about it on his Facebook page.

“The painting is based on the mythology of the Hellenes, who were among the first colonizers of the Black Sea coast and brought legends about dryads, nymphs associated with forests, and the surrounding nature. This choice of character has become an integral part of my way of expressing my love for the natural beauty of the world around us. Myths can provide inspiration and deep symbolism for artistic and spiritual expression, thereby helping to maintain a connection to cultural traditions and values,” Potapov wrote.

He has already created works related to myths, in 2021 in Murmansk he portrayed the reindeer-man Myanmash. In Chisinau, Potapov created several memorable works – the national carpet Un Pic De Love, the mural on the TV center Tree of Life, and Self-Portrait.


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