(PHOTO) Minister Perciun and his delegation are on a study visit to Estonia

Dan Perciun, Minister of Education and Research (MER), and a delegation are on a study visit to Estonia. The official will meet his counterpart, Kristina Kallas, and representatives of the Estonian Parliament.

The purpose of the visit is to exchange best practices, particularly in the field of quality assurance in education, in the context of establishing the Network of Model Schools in the Republic of Moldova.

“The delegation will visit several Estonian schools and universities and will have meetings with representatives of institutions responsible for the digitization of education and quality assurance, Estonia being a successful example in the integration of modern technologies in education,” reads a statement issued by MER.


Representatives from the Republic of Moldova’s Ministry of Education and Research will have the opportunity to discuss educational policies, management, and administration of the education system with Estonian representatives. They will also identify and adapt specific issues to Moldova’s context.

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