Moldova exported 1715 tonnes of honey last year. The main markets were in Europe and Asia

In 2023, the Republic of Moldova exported 1715 tonnes of honey. The main export markets were Europe and Asia. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) presented the figures today, marking National Bee Day.

According to the cited source, last year’s honey production was about 5500 tons, similar to 2022.

“The state invested more than 100 million lei in the beekeeping sector in 2023, the money given in the form of subsidies for the machinery, equipment, swarms, and queens purchase. Of the 73 applications submitted for advance subsidy measures, at least half were for investment in beekeeping,” the MAFI points out.

MAIA data reveals that in the Republic of Moldova, we have 9421 authorized beekeepers (who hold the Hive Passport), and 3319 have a legal form of activity.

The Parliament has drafted a decision to establish “National Bee Day,” celebrated on May 20, to support and promote the beekeeping sector. This initiative aims to promote the consumption of honey in the Republic of Moldova. In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, MAFI will amend the regulatory framework to allow beekeepers to place their hives in forests all year round, free of charge.

“Today, more than ever, we appreciate the work of our beekeepers and the importance of bees for agriculture and biodiversity. We invite you to support local beekeeping and enjoy the honey produced in the Republic of Moldova”, sums up the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

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