Pupils of Dumitru Roman Gymnasium do not study today: new details about the tragedy in Drochia

Today, May 20, the director of the Dumitru Roman Gymnasium in Drochia, Natalia Manea, who was found hanged in the school’s gymnasium at the end of last week, will be buried. Due to this, the children are not studying today. The local bishop said that: “the school should be well consecrated”, sources from the local authorities, who wished to remain confidential, told rupor.md.

According to the rupor.md source: “This is a very huge grief for the village. It is a religious village. The school is closed today. The bishop said it should be well consecrated.”

There have been problems at the school, says the rupor.md interlocutor, which has arisen since the appointment of Natalia Manea as head of the educational institution:


“The late principal had support. But the staff was divided into two camps. Some did not support her. But recently, many parents who have children studying there have had problems with her. Parents appealed and wrote complaints to the Ministry of Education. She openly said she had connections and no one would do anything to her”.

rupor.md sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Education and Research to clarify the situation.

Natalia Manea was married, and she has three children. The youngest child is autistic. The deceased is a native of another locality. She took charge of a grammar school in Drochia 5 children ago.

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