(VIDEO) Seven Moldovan parties have signed the PSDE Declaration on the condemnation of “political tourism”

Seven pro-European political parties in Moldova have signed the Declaration of the European Social Democratic Party (PSDE) condemning “political tourism.” They are the Platform for Dignity and Truth, the Coalition for Unity and Welfare, the League of Cities and Communes, the Party of Change, the People’s Power Party, and the Green Ecologist Party. The announcement was made on Monday, 20 May, by PSDE President Ion Sula at a press conference.

The ruling party, PAS, and the parliamentary opposition – the Bloc of Socialists and Communists, have not followed up on the declaration, Ion Sula added.

“We urge the President of the country to exercise his right by submitting a bill to Parliament as a legislative initiative to prevent and combat political patronage. In particular, the bill should introduce sanctions for politicians who betray their promises to voters and democratic values. The penalty must be proportionate. If a politician leaves the party after the elections, they automatically lose their mandate. This rule would discourage backtracking and force politicians to be more accountable to voters,” said PSDE President Ion Sula.

Finally, the PSDE leader called on all Moldovan citizens, civil society, and international partners to unite in this effort, supporting the collective endeavor to steer our country onto a proper democratic path while upholding respect for people and European values.


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