(PHOTO) Nights when the sky turned purple all over the world! A photographer captured the Aurora Borealis at Old Orhei

A few nights in a row, people worldwide admire the Northern Lights. The sky turns purple due to a solar storm that will continue for the next few days.

The phenomenon is due to high-intensity solar ejections, according to news.co.uk. Particles from the Sun trigger geomagnetic storms when they get close to our planet.

According to experts, the geomagnetic storm was at level 5 on Friday and Saturday morning, the maximum indicator for such phenomena. In the meantime, Internet users worldwide have been posting pictures of the aurora borealis, some surprised, others – scared.

Moldovans were also surprised by the phenomenon. Residents of several regions of the country shared their impressions and images of the phenomenon on social media.


Photographer Serjio Lobourenko captured the Northern Lights in Old Orhei. Locals, later picked up the images, stating it was the strongest magnetic storm in 150 years.

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