(PHOTO) Record turnout of Moldovan voters at European Parliamentary elections

The day before, almost 57 thousand voters with Romanian citizenship voted at the polling stations opened in Moldova in connection with the European Parliament elections. According to the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania, a higher turnout was registered this year than in the 2019 elections. At that time, 38 thousand voters fulfilled their civic duty.

The Romanian Embassy in Moldova has presented a photo report from the start of the European Parliament elections, where dozens of Romanian citizens came to the polling stations opened in Moldova.

“On this bank of the Prut, from #North to #South and #East to #West, Romanian citizens with the right to vote have been going to the polls since the polls opened to elect their representatives in the European Parliament. Proof of responsibility and civic spirit,” the embassy said on its social networks.

Cristian-Leon Tsurcanu, Romanian Ambassador to Moldova, also voted at one of the polling stations opened in Chisinau.


“I voted in Chisinau for a strong Romania in Europe with peace and prosperity and for Moldova’s European future,” the ambassador wrote in his social networks.

According to preliminary results, parties of the right-wing political orientation have succeeded in the elections to the European Parliament, where they will now control more than half of the mandates. The Greens’ representation fell by a third to 7.2% of the total number of deputies.

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