(VIDEO) “I didn’t give anything!” Who were the donors of the “Renaissance” and “Chance” parties in the local elections?

Nurses, kindergarten employees, teachers, accountants, and bakers contributed to the budget of two parties affiliated with the fugitive Ilan Shor in the electoral campaign for the local elections in autumn 2023. We are talking about the “Renaissance” and “Chance” parties. Many “donors” learned from journalists about their contribution to the political parties, while others “forgot” what happened six months ago.

During the election campaign, according to the investigation by CU SENS, the “Renaissance” Party spent 2.5 million lei to convince voters to vote for its candidates. Officially, most of the money, 2.3 million lei to be exact, was collected from donations from 384 individuals, some with modest incomes. For example, 67 pensioners and 55 students financially supported the party, accounting for almost a third of “Renaissance’s” electoral sponsors.

CuSens journalists asked a “Renaissance” party member to comment on it.

“It’s a fake. The people who donated donated to the election campaign. Possibly, they didn’t want to talk to you, that’s why they said they didn’t donate or didn’t donate. I have seen on some TV stations attempts to ask them, and I have seen how people first said no, it’s normal, maybe it’s a natural reaction when someone comes, tries to bother them, and then they said – yes, they donated. So what’s the problem?” said Vasile Bolea, member of the political bureau of the “Renaissance” party, a non-affiliated MP.

Another party affiliated with Ilan Shor, the “Chance” Party, received impressive donations. In the autumn local elections, the party officially had a campaign budget of 3.7 million lei, mostly collected from donations from 483 people. Of these, a quarter are employees of companies affiliated with the Shor family and people close to the fugitive politician.


These are Aeroport Handling SRL, DFM SRL, Avia Invest SRL, Aerofood SRL, operating on the territory of Chisinau International Airport, and the company Magazine Sociale SRL.

Journalists asked for an interview with the “Chance” party leader, Alexei Lungu.

“I want to see what kind of questions, and I will decide whether I will answer you,” Lungu said.

Lungu later explains that the list of electoral sponsors of the “Chance” party does not include people who do not know that they have made donations. He says: “It is a fake.”

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