(PHOTO/VIDEO) A Feast in Time of Plague: Gutsul, Tarlev, and Tauber celebrated the National Day of the Russian Federation at the Embassy in Chisinau

On June 12th, journalists discovered several opposition MPs at the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. According to press reports, the politicians received invitations to an event commemorating the National Day of the Russian Federation.

Some MPs confirmed attending an “official reception” with ambassadors. The event sparked heated discussion, given the current context of international relations.

Among the MPs were Vasile Bolea, Bogdat Tsirdea, and Denis Ulanov. In the pictures taken by RLIVE TV, there is also the Bashkan of Gagauzia, Eugenia Gutsul, who recently returned from Moscow, where a meeting of politicians allied with Ilan Shor took place. She declined to make any statements.

“I don’t think the Russians are aggressors. They do not oppose withdrawing troops. But it is not physically feasible at the moment. Both the Russians and the Romanians are our brothers. My father was Moldovan, my grandfather was Moldovan, I speak Moldovan and Russian…” said Alexandr Nesterovschi.

The Ex-Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev also attended the Russian embassy in Chisinau. “I have many friends in Russia. We are for peace, guys,” he said.

“I am celebrating Russia Day, and with great pride, I came. Today, I would like to congratulate the Russian Federation and President Putin on this important holiday because we are in friendly and cooperative relations with Russia,” Tauber said.

Asked who is to blame for the war in Ukraine, Tauber said, “I am not taking the exam. I think Ukraine and the US are to blame for this armed conflict.”

Recall that on 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine following a conflict that began in 2014. At that time, Crimea was invaded and annexed, and separatists occupied part of the Donbas region in southeastern Ukraine, triggering a regional war. The international community widely condemned the attack.

After Vladimir Putin ordered the war, Russia faced global isolation, leading to sanctions and an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court for the Russian leader.

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