(VIDEO) Lilian Carp about “agent Gorgan” – the former chief of the Moldovan General Staff: there are more “moles,” regardless of the government

The Intelligence and Security Service withheld the information it possessed on Igor Gorgan because it actively monitored the entire network he had constructed for espionage purposes. The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, defense, and Public Order, Lilian Carp, told RLIVE TV’s Rezoomat that such precedents exist in the European Parliament.

According to Lilian Carp, the problem is to detect these people, and security officers must do their job and not necessarily communicate about the investigations they are undertaking.

“There are more “moles,” regardless of who is in government. Whether it is PAS or another party, the Russian Federation is recruiting these “moles.” There is also a dossier in the European Parliament on a lady from Lithuania. The problem is the tracking down of these “moles.”

The Intelligence and Security Service holds the main responsibility for doing its job. They reported that they were monitoring Gorgan’s entire network. When the key character is identified, authorities monitor him to uncover the network he is building and the information he is gathering. I don’t know why he wasn’t notified, but it’s a possibility,” Carp said.


The former chief of the Moldovan General Staff, Igor Gorgan, regularly reported on the internal political situation in Moldova and passed data on visits by representatives of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to his supervisor – Colonel Alexei Makarov, who is working in the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU). The Insider discovered this in its investigation by accessing the correspondence on Telegram.

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