(PHOTO/VIDEO) During the twenty-four hours, there were 3 traffic accidents in Romania, in which Moldovan citizens were injured

Traffic accident involving Moldovans occurred in Romania today, January 9. The collision happened in the town of Tisita. The bus was carrying 43 passengers and the driver.

A second traffic accident occurred in Vrancha County. A bus with nine passengers overturned on Monday evening in Romania’s Vrancea county. The accident occurred on Highway 11A near the village of Adjudul Vechi, local media reported.

The vehicle was carrying seven children from 1.5 to 14 years old and two adults – citizens of the Republic of Moldova. According to the Romanian press, the family was traveling to Moldova.


“After the incident, nine victims received medical assistance on the spot, and then they were taken to the hospital for examination,” the police said in a statement.

The causes of the accident are being investigated. Currently, traffic on several roads in Vrancea County is temporarily closed due to heavy snowstorms, snow, and poor visibility for the safety of drivers.

Earlier in Romania, a minibus traveling on the Bucharest-Chisinau route overturned due to a snowstorm. There were 17 passengers in the cabin. All were evacuated, and one person was injured. The vehicle was driven by a man with dual Romanian and Moldovan citizenship.

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