Sweden to provide financial support to Moldova: Government allocated 5 million Swedish kronor

The Government of Sweden grants 5 million Swedish kronor to Moldova. The decision was announced and published on January 8, 2024, by the embassy of our country in Swedish.

“In the context of the Embassy’s effort to influence the Sweden Government’s decision to include Moldova in the defense support packages for Ukraine, we announce success,” the diplomatic mission says.


According to our country’s representation, Moldova has been included in the new assistance package worth SEK 60 million. Of this money, 50 million is going to Ukraine and 5 million to our country and Georgia.

“The support is provided through various NATO funds and will be used, among other things, for demining, crisis management, cyber security and education of military equipment, fuel, medical equipment, demining equipment, and other military training equipment,” the embassy says.

In the case of Moldova, the money is to be used to purchase equipment, training, and support reforms.

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