PM Kuleba explains why Ukraine keeps troops near Moldova Border

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitri Kuleba has stated that the Transnistrian region, which is not under the control of authorities in Chisinau and is home to the Russian army, requires Ukraine to maintain troops at the border with Moldova. However, Kuleba reassured that Ukraine will not take any action in Transnistria, as it is a territory that belongs to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova, which Kyiv respects.

“Of course, the presence of Transnistria on the southwestern flank is a danger that requires us to send forces to this portion of the border for potential control and maintenance of the situation. But I want to emphasize that Transnistria is a matter of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova. We will respect the path chosen by the Government of Moldova regarding the relationship with Transnistria and the reintegration of this region. We respect our neighbors, respect Moldova, and its people’s choice. You have the right to decide how to develop your country and how to solve the problem with Transnistria. We face the same problem. I note that this problem persists militarily,” said the Ukrainian foreign minister.


When asked if the arms depot in Cobasna still poses a threat to Ukraine’s security, Dmitri Kuleba responded:

“I can say that the remnants of the Soviet past, in the form of artillery shells, are very necessary. Russia has resorted to Soviet rarities, tanks produced in the 1950s-1960s, and sends them to the front. I do not have a clear vision of what is in Cobasna, the quantity, and their condition. I am telling you honestly,” emphasized the Ukrainian foreign minister.

In February, Russian and Transnistrian authorities accused Ukrainian intelligence services of plotting terrorist attacks in Transnistria and preparing to invade the separatist region to seize the weapons from the Cobasna depot and take Russian soldiers as prisoners, then exchanging them for Ukrainian prisoners taken by the Russians.

Kyiv rejected the accusations, warning in turn about possible false-flag actions planned by Moscow to destabilize and provoke.

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