Political-military consultations between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Poland took place in Chisinau

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mihai Popsoi, along with Defence Minister Anatolie Nosatii, recently conducted political and military consultations between Moldova and Poland. The Polish delegation, led by Robert Kupiecki, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Paweł Zalewski, State Secretary of the Ministry of National Defence, engaged in discussions covering various topics on the bilateral agenda.

These discussions encompassed the current status and prospects of political dialogue and cooperation within the military domain.

“In light of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, we emphasized the shared interests of Moldova and Poland in restoring the international order based on established rules and norms—specifically, the principles outlined in the UN Charter, including the respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states,” stated Minister Popsoi.


Addressing Moldova’s security risks, they draw attention to the ongoing efforts of national institutions in countering hybrid threats and misinformation. Minister Popsoi reiterated Moldova’s keenness to strengthen cooperation with Poland to bolster resilience and security capacities.

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