Popescu for the NYT: A large part of the previous Government will be in the new team

The New York Times (NYT), a renowned American publication, dedicated an article on Friday, February 10, about the resignation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilița, to “a Ukrainian neighbor shaken by the war”. In it, Nicu Popescu, who held the position of Moldovan Foreign Minister, was requested by phone. According to the official, “a large part” of the former team will remain in that of Dorin Recean, the candidate appointed by President Maia Sandu, following consultations with the factions.

“Natalia Gavriliță has been prime minister since 2021 when she took over the leadership of the government after the elections gave a strong majority in Parliament to pro-Western politicians. The pro-Western prime minister of Moldova, a troubled eastern European nation that borders Ukraine, resigned on Friday, hit by a severe energy crisis, rising inflation, and stray missiles from the ongoing war side by side”, writes the NYT.


The publication also notes that officials and analysts said her departure would not push the former Soviet republic back into Moscow’s orbit or change its aspirations to join the European Union. In the next order of ideas, the statement of Nicu Popescu with whom the reporters spoke on the phone was placed.

“It is not a crisis, but just a normal reshuffle of the government,” said Nicu Popescu, the foreign minister of the Republic of Moldova, in a telephone interview. He said that a “large part” of the prime minister’s team would stay on the job.

We remind you that, in a few days, Dorin Recean is going to present the team of ministers with whom he wants to act as prime minister if he gets the vote of confidence from the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, where PAS holds the legislative majority.

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