Preparedness for the Winter Season and Energy Security in Moldova: Updates from Constantin Borosan

Moldova is much better prepared for this year’s cold season compared to previous years, said Constantin Borosan, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, during a discussion with Geoffrey Pyatt, the Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Resources at the U.S. Department of State. The Moldovan official emphasized that this is due to the fact that the country stores natural gas “from reliable partners.”

The parties exchanged views on strategic projects aimed at enhancing the country’s energy security, as mentioned in a statement by the Ministry of Energy.

Reference was made to the electrical interconnection with Romania, increasing the capacity for natural gas transportation through the Trans-Balkan pipeline to storage facilities in Ukraine, and the launch of the commercial operator of the electricity market, the source further noted.

Another aspect discussed was related to investments in energy efficiency measures in the residential sector through the Energy Efficiency Fund.

The Ministry of Energy specifies that Moldova receives financial support from the United States amounting to $60 million, which is the largest energy-related technical assistance project of all time.

Preparations for the heating season of 2023-2024 and the action plan in case of limitations in natural gas and electricity supply

In mid-September, Minister Victor Parlicov presented a report on how enterprises and authorities have fulfilled the actions outlined in the Action Plan for the 2023-2024 heating season. According to the document, SA Energocom is the institution responsible for ensuring sufficient natural gas reserves for the cold season to ensure the country’s energy security.


At the same time, the volume of coal from state reserves has been replenished to 100%, and the procedure for the procurement and replenishment of coke stocks is underway.

According to the document, Energocom has valid contracts with electricity producers and suppliers from Romania and Ukraine, with negotiations ongoing for the extension of the contract with MGRES.

Energocom has extended its contract with MGRES for one month.

In October, Energocom will continue to purchase electricity from the Cuciurgan Thermal Power Plant. The contractual conditions remain unchanged as in recent months, with the purchase price remaining the same at $66 per MWh. Thus, next month, the Power Plant will supply approximately 305,000 MWh, which accounts for approximately 85% of the consumption needs of consumers on the right bank of the Dniester River.

The remaining energy, in addition to that produced from renewable sources and by Thermal Power Plants, will be contracted from producers in Ukraine, Romania, and the OPCOM market.

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