President Grosu Addresses EP Presidents on Moldova’s Resilience Amid Russian Aggression

The President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, delivered a speech at the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament from the member states of the Council of Europe about the impact of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on our country.

“Russia has used and, most likely, will continue to use Moldova as a testing ground for its hybrid warfare tactics. Resilience must be primarily supported by the strengthening of good governance and democracy. This is a priority that forms the core of our transformative agenda,” stated Igor Grosu.

The President of the Parliament emphasized that the citizens and authorities of the Republic of Moldova have focused their efforts on turning challenges into opportunities to bring Moldova closer to the European Union. In this context, Igor Grosu noted that the decision to commence negotiations, which should be made by the end of the year, would encourage the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and send a signal to Russia that its actions cannot prevent countries from deciding on their future development.


“Citizens and Moldovan authorities have clearly expressed their choice in favor of a European future. Moldova is stronger and more resilient today than it was a year and a half ago,” added the head of the Parliament.

It should be noted that the President of the Parliament is in Dublin, where he is participating in the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament from the member states of the Council of Europe from September 28th to 29th. The meeting is organized under the auspices of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and takes place once every two years. The current edition has seen the participation of over 60 presidents and vice-presidents of parliaments from 46 member countries of the Council of Europe, over 400 delegates from partner or observer countries, and heads of various parliamentary assemblies.

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