President Maia Sandu convened the National Commission for European Integration in a new composition

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has taken a significant step today by convening a fresh National Commission for European Integration, assembled through a presidential decree.

This move, replacing the Commission with new appointees, stems from the pressing necessity for heightened engagement in the EU accession journey, not only from the governmental sector but also from civil society and the private sector. “This endeavor must engage all segments of society: from the private sector and academia to representatives of civil society, as well as those in the diaspora,” emphasized the head of state.

She further lauded the restructuring of the Government, notably the addition of the Deputy Prime Minister for the European Integration role and the establishment of the European Integration Office, both geared towards orchestrating the accession process efficiently.


The meeting agenda centered on expediting the EU accession process, with committee members delving into the assessment of national legislation and preparations for aligning it with the EU acquis.

Emphasizing the imperative to escalate significant progress toward EU membership, the President underscored the urgency for committee members to ensure the timely execution of the National Action Plan for Moldova’s Accession to the EU for the 2024-2027 period.

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