Good news from Cahul! Local citizens will benefit from upgraded drinking water supply and sewerage services

The residents of Cahul municipality, Rosu, Crihana Veche, and Cotihana localities now benefit from modernized drinking water supply and sewage services.  It is possible thanks to a project funded by the German Government and the European Union under the “Team Europe” initiative, implemented through the German Development Bank KfW. More than €46 million allocated will used for the wastewater treatment plant construction in the Cahul municipality, the modernization and extension of the sewerage network, and the connection of around 1 900 households to it.

The investments aim to significantly improve the living standards of the population of Cahul municipality by ensuring safe and efficient access to water supply and sewerage networks. It will bring immediate benefits to the citizens and contribute to the economic and social development of the whole region.

Another essential aspect of the project is the water pollution reduction and the conservation of groundwater resources in southern Moldova.

In this context, an event to monitor the progress of works in this water supply and sewerage project in Cahul district on Thursday, 18 April 2024, in Cahul. Participants were Andrei Spinu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIDR), Nicolae Dandis, Mayor of Cahul Municipality, the German Embassy in the Republic of Moldova representatives, and the German KfW Bank.


“Through the project in the Cahul region, in cooperation with the European Union, our main objective is to improve the living conditions of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the context of their integration into the European family,” said Steffen Lohmann, Cooperation Officer, Embassy of Germany in the Republic of Moldova.

“Together with our partners from the European Union and with the strong support of Germany, we have started a project to modernize and improve the water supply and sewage systems in Cahul municipality and the neighboring Cotihana and Crihana Veche. This project is not just about infrastructure – it’s about improving the quality of life for every inhabitant of Cahul and the surrounding areas. I want to thank the donors and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development for their continued support in making this vital project a reality for our community. Thank you!” said Cahul Mayor Nicolae Dandis.

“This day is of particular importance for us, as monitoring the progress of the works and transferring the results obtained is a crucial step towards improving the quality of life and stimulating economic activity in the Southern Region of the country while ensuring the protection of our water resources and the ecosystems dependent on them,” said Andrei Spinu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

“Ensuring that as many households as possible connect to the new infrastructure, especially the sewerage networks currently under construction, is a key task for the municipality. Now, everyone can see this progress. It is a good time to step up efforts to engage with local citizens and motivate them to contribute to the project’s success. I thank the municipality and wish “Apa Canal Cahul” and their contractors all the best for successful and safe construction works,” said Jonas Rathfelder, Deputy Director KfW Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia.

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