President Maia Sandu Discusses Refugee Assistance with Kristin Davis

The other day, the head of state met with Kristin Davis, the Ambassador of Goodwill for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The President discussed with Kristin the work she does to help refugees from various countries, ways to better attract the international community and international media attention to the needs of refugees, and how to mobilize more support and humanitarian assistance.

“We also talked about how our country is affected by the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war, how we have dealt with the humanitarian crisis since the beginning of the invasion, the aid and protection measures taken by the Government of Chisinau for refugees, and especially about the citizens who have helped and continue to help Ukrainian refugees with open hearts,” said President Maia Sandu.


Together with Kristin Davis, the President visited the “151” Community Center, where Ukrainian women shared their stories of the hardships they have faced in their homeland, how they lost their loved ones and were forced to leave everything behind to save themselves and their children from the war.

“They told us about their lives in Moldova and how much they want to return home to Odesa, Mykolayiv, or Herson. I told them that they are incredibly strong individuals, that the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people inspire us, and that we have peace in Moldova thanks to them,” emphasized Maia Sandu.

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