President Maia Sandu Engages with Moldovan Diaspora During Official Visit to the Netherlands

The presidential institution announced that the head of state met with Moldovans residing in the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Sunday, September 3rd. According to a press release, Maia Sandu discussed the situation in Moldova, especially focusing on economic reforms, justice, and security risks in the country.

Furthermore, a subject of great interest was “education, particularly how competitive universities can be established at home, how research can be developed in universities, what is being done to improve the overall quality of general education, and how the issue of well-prepared teaching staff can be addressed.”

“Most of the over one hundred compatriots at the discussion came here for studies and then chose to work in the Netherlands. However, they are all very interested in the situation back home, with many of them actively promoting our country’s image in the Netherlands and participating in projects in Moldova. I encouraged them to return home – especially now when the processes related to EU accession are gaining momentum, and we need more well-prepared specialists to progress,” emphasized Sandu.


Similarly, President Maia Sandu awarded distinctions to individuals in the field of culture whose remarkable professional activities contribute to promoting the image of the Republic of Moldova abroad.

“I have bestowed the honorary title ‘Master of Art’ upon soprano Diana Axentii, pianist Mariana Izman, and violinist Ionel Manciu, while pianists Laura Balicov and Stanislav Jar were honored with the title ‘Distinguished Artist.’ I extend my gratitude to the ‘Noroc Olanda’ team for organizing the meeting and for promoting our country and values abroad,” concluded the head of state.

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