President Maia Sandu launches new program to support Moldovan entrepreneurs

President Maia Sandu has announced the launch of a new government program aimed at supporting Moldovan entrepreneurs, called “373”. The program seeks to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to grow, create jobs, and contribute to the well-being of citizens.

According to the President, the “373” program will subsidize the difference between the market interest rate, i.e., the rate charged by banks, and the ceiling set by the program:

  • 3% – the interest rate on euro or dollar loans;
  • 7% – the interest rate on lei loans;
  • 3 years – the maximum grace period for loans with a maturity of up to 7 years.

The President emphasized that economic development and job creation are our common priority.

“I see Moldovans opening businesses in every locality where I go, working honestly and contributing to economic growth in Moldova. These brave and entrepreneurial people need government support. By helping entrepreneurs become competitive in the European market, by earning wages that allow them to raise salaries, to create jobs in our villages and towns, we will be able to build a European economy and increase the living standards of all Moldovans,” Sandu said.


The program is set to be implemented starting June 1st. A platform will be launched and applications will be opened for those interested in participating in the program.

To participate, applicants must have an investment initiative. Loans up to 15 million lei or the equivalent in foreign currency, for up to seven years, will be subsidized. The grace period can be up to three years, and the business must come with a 10% contribution.

This program is expected to give a boost to Moldovan entrepreneurs, allowing them to expand their businesses, create new jobs, and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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