Prime Minister met with UNHCR representative in Moldova: what was discussed?

Prime Minister Dorin Recean convened with Francesca Bonelli, the UNHCR Representative in Moldova, as she concluded her two-year mission in the country. During their meeting, Recean commended the invaluable contributions of the UN agency towards establishing effective mechanisms for managing the refugee crisis and providing vital protection and assistance to those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

He reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to sustaining humanitarian initiatives, facilitating refugee employment opportunities, and ensuring the seamless integration of refugee children into the education system.

In response, Francesca Bonelli lauded the Republic of Moldova for emerging as an international beacon of solidarity, among its authorities and citizens. She pledged UNHCR’s ongoing support to leverage the presence of over 128,000 refugees as a catalyst for national development.


Since late February 2022, UNHCR has significantly scaled up its operations in Moldova in response to the influx of Ukrainian refugees. Collaborating closely with the government, the agency has spearheaded a coordinated inter-agency humanitarian effort in alignment with the Regional Response Plan (RRP).

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