Princess Margaret in Luxembourg: Speech on Russian tanks in Transnistria and Moldova’s EU integration

In Luxembourg, Princess Margaret spoke about Moldova’s European integration, Russia’s aggression, and its troops on the Dniester River’s left bank. She delivered her speech at the Pierre Werner Institute and reiterated the importance of European support for our country.

In her opinion, the current leaders in Chisinau support Moldova’s European integration and fight poverty and destabilization. At the same time, she believes that the Kremlin’s attempts to influence Chisinau’s policy will not cease, even if the war in Ukraine ends.

“Ensuring that Moldova remains firmly committed to its policy of European integration is an inseparable element of ensuring that Ukraine can continue to defend itself; these are, in fact, two sides of the same coin.

The situation in the Republic of Moldova remains both precarious and critical. The authorities in Chisinau constantly warn that Russia is determined to destabilize the government of the Republic of Moldova. It is because unrest in Moldova would create a real danger behind the main Ukrainian lines, which continue to resist Russian invasion.


I sometimes hear arguments that Romania is sounding the alarm about the Republic of Moldova because we are supposed to have ulterior motives, such as, for example, the country’s reunification with Romania. Yes, we share the same language and the same history. And yes, if it had not been for that fateful alliance between Hitler and Stalin, the people on both sides of the Prut, which separates the Republic of Moldova from Romania, would have stayed together. Every time I go to Moldova, I feel at home. And since the end of the Soviet occupation, our history, language, and traditions have flourished again, as has the memory of King Ferdinand, my great-grandfather, who sealed the creation of a united Romania at the end of the First World War,” said the Princess.

The Royal House of Romania is committed to ensuring that the Republic of Moldova is not affected by the tragedy in Ukraine. On the other hand, the Princess reiterated that the security situation in Europe should be a matter of concern for the EU and NATO. Her Majesty said that any support for Ukraine is incomplete, as are efforts to ensure peace on the continent if there is no stability in our country.

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