(PHOTO) Igor Grosu, in talks with the Chairwoman of the Venice Commission and the EC President of Human Rights. Topics discussed

Developments in the justice sector and the fulfillment of the three recommendations of the European Commission were the main topics discussed by Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu with the President of the Venice Commission and the President of the European Court of Human Rights.

“I expressed my conviction that together, with the support of our friends and partners in the EU, we will be able to meet the challenges of the coming period, especially in the autumn when we have two elections – the presidential elections and the referendum. On October 20, Moldovans will clearly express their desire to join the European family in the Constitution. The responsible institutions will ensure fair elections and protect citizens’ votes,” Igor Grosu wrote on his Facebook page.

The officials also spoke about the organization of postal voting for the first time in some countries and about “cleaning the judicial system of the corrupt.”


“Even if it is not an easy fight, the evaluation of the judicial system will continue because it is the only tool to ensure a justice system of people of integrity. In this regard, I called for our support in this common fight for democracy”, added the President of Parliament.

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