The state will pay 500 thousand lei to one of the defendants in the “Laundromat” case

The state will pay 500,000 lei as moral damages to the judge previously involved in the Laundromat case. The capital’s Center Sector Court made the decision.

According to the court’s ruling, Judge Lebediuc was illegally prosecuted and subjected to unjustified measures of deprivation of liberty.

Judge Lebediuc filed the complaint against the Ministry of Justice. Although the institution has not commented, one can appeal to the Appeals Chamber within 30 days.

The court found Lebediuc guilty of conscious decision-making in the Laundromat case but did not convict him because the statute of limitations had expired. Last year, the court ordered the state to pay him nearly one million lei in material compensation, covering his salary for the period of his suspension. Lebediuc is not the first judge involved in a case to whom the state has had to pay money. Recently, the court ordered the authorities to pay 850,000 lei to Judge Siarhei Popovici and another 400,000 lei to Judge Stefan Nita.


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